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  • UV LED Curing Chamber Model No. :UVOX-100A

    Short Description:

    Product Name:UV LED curing Chamber

    Model No.: UVOX-100A


    UV intensity measured by EIT UV meter: 1500mW/cm^2(Max)

    Size of the window (mm):100×100

    Heat Dissipation:Fan Cooling

    Customized Service: Yes

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
  • Overview

    UV Chamber Specification

     UV chamber Desktop type Size of the UV  Light  output window 100x100mm
    Outline  dimensions(mm) 300(L)x300(W)x140(H) UV light wavelength 365/385/395/405nm
    Product loading  way Drawer type  Operation  Push the drawer  into UV  chamber. It will turn on the UV  LED lamp automatically.
     Internal  dimensions(mm)  230(L)x230(W)x80(H)  Curing process  Visible via the UV  chamber  window
     Material/Weight  Black sheet metal/ about 8Kg  UV chamber cooling  Fan cooling


    UV LED Lamp Specification

    UV Intensity @10mm 1500mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @10mm 110x110mm
    UV Intensity @20mm 1400mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @20mm 115x115mm
    UV Intensity @30mm 1250mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @30mm 120x120mm
    UV Intensity @40mm 1150mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @40mm 125x125mm
    UV Intensity @50mm 1000mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @50mm 135x135mm
    UV Intensity @60mm 900mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @60mm 140x140mm
    UV Intensity @70mm 800mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @70mm 150x150mm
    UV Intensity @80mm 750mw/cm^2(EIT) Curing Size @80mm 155x155mm

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