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  • How can UV LED benefit my flexo business?

    The use of UV LED curing in flexographic printing has significantly increased in recent years and the technology is now firmly established within the industry. Many believe its use will soon overtake that of conventional UV curing technology, to eventually become the default solution.

    Global rises in energy costs, coupled with a laser focus from brands on sustainability issues, are driving a sharp rise in the adoption of energy-efficient UV LED systems. Despite this, some still doubt how useful it could be to their business.

    How does UV LED benefit flexo printers?

    Flexographic printing is a process of using a flexible plate to transfer the image to the media; typically used to create labels and packaging material. UV LED curing technology for flexographic printing provides faster throughput with higher yield through tighter process control. The narrow UV-A output provides the highest curing efficiency while also providing a cooler, safer, and more stable output, allowing end users to print on a wider variety of materials with increased yield and reduced operating costs.
    Most ink manufacturers include a UV LED option today, making integration and use of LED even easier. As these manufacturers continue to develop formulations to optimize both UV LED curing and specific applications, printers can expand the applications they offer to their customers.

    Post time: Apr-28-2023
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