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  • How UV curing technology can benefit medical device manufacturers

    UV curing technology is ideal for a wide array of medical adhesive applications. Manufacturers find that using UV LED technology results in production efficacy and an increase in productivity.

    Primary applications for UV include curing of adhesives for assembly, sealing and also pressure sensitive adhesives. UV curable adhesives are used for bonding syringes, catheters and other medical devices. Because UV light of varied spectral output penetrates glass, polypropylene and many other plastics, both flat and complex 3D shaped parts are easily bonded instantaneously. By ensuring superior bonding at higher speeds, UV curing produces quality assemblies faster and less expensively. UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesives find application on a variety of medical tapes and bandages. Most UV curing assembly processes are done via an indexing or continuous conveyor line.

    In addition, UV curing technology is also used in UV coatings in the medical industry.UV coatings include bio-compatible and sterilizable seals, clear hard coats to improve durability, and functional coatings that improve lubricity or healing, among others. Common applications include test strips, hydro-gels, catheters, medical filters, and medical instrument lenses. UV curing of coatings offers higher production rates and standards of quality. Whether it’s a converting operation on a wide web or three-dimensional parts, UV curing integrates easily into coating production processes.

    With the development of medical research,UV curing will certainly be a part of the many new medical devices and products to come. Whether it’s curing coating or adhesive, UV curing can increase productivity and product quality, which is so vital to the medical market.

    Post time: Dec-31-2021
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