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  • Pros and Cons of UVC LEDs and Lamps for Disinfecting Applications

    As the COVID-19 pandemic is still posing a threat to worldwide communities, UVC light incorporated products for disinfection are becoming more and more popular. These UVC light disinfecting products usually deploy either mercury lamps or LEDs as light source. Currently, mercury lamps are more widely adopted for disinfecting products given its lower production cost and higher power output. However, UVC LEDs featuring smaller size, adoption flexibility and longer lifetime also attract increasing attention in the industry.

    Disinfection Efficacy

    Both UVC LED and UVC Lamp have been proved to be effective for diminish bacteria and viruses. UV mercury lamps with better optical power and lower price have been the major source for most UVC disinfecting products. But LED makers have also improved their UV technology and achieved breakthroughs recently years.  LED manufacturers have produced UVC LEDs with advanced efficiency and higher power output.

    Application Flexibility

    UV mercury lamps are larger and heavier comparing to LEDs, thus limiting its applications. With compacted size, UVC LEDs can be easily integrated with different home appliances like air conditioners, air purifiers or even washing machines. UVC LEDs are often adopted for portable products. Another edge of UVC LEDs for application is that they can fully operate once turned on and do not need preheating while it takes about 10 to 30 minutes for mercury lamps deliver required UV dose for disinfection.


    UV mercury lamps use toxic mercury and produce ozone. An optimized disinfection system with mercury lamps will also need chlorine to ensure effective disinfection. UVC LED lamps do not contain mercury, emit ozone, or require chemicals to ensure effective disinfection.

    As the technology continues to develop, new applications and innovative UVC LED solutions will continue to emerge.

    Post time: Nov-29-2022
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