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  • The performance of UV LED technology in automotive coating

    Automotive coating has very high requirements for UV LED coatings, which not only require good physical and chemical properties, but also require a smooth, smooth and high-gloss appearance. For cars, it requires “brightness like a mirror”. In recent years, a lot of efforts and research work have been done in the coating industry to use powder coatings for automobile coating, and some progress has been made.

    The UV LED coating is irradiated for a short time on the coating surface with the cooperation of UV light curing equipment, and the epoxy/polyester powder sprayed on the 1mm steel plate is cured in a few seconds, while the general hot air circulation or far-infrared equipment requires It takes 18 minutes to cure, and the curing speed is increased by hundreds of times.

    The application of UV light curing technology can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the length of the drying tunnel, save investment, and more importantly, improve the smoothness and brightness of the UV LED coating surface. Because of the application of “UV light curing technology”, heat is emitted from the work-piece. When solidified, the “gas” can be driven to the surface, reducing “pinholes” and improving the leveling of the powder. The smoothness and gloss of powder UV LED coatings are comparable to liquid coatings.

    UV LED curing technology is becoming a mainstream curing technology, with rapid technological progress in all fields of coating, more and more enterprises are beginning to accept UV LED curing. Companies are increasingly asking equipment manufacturers to include UV LED as a new coating performance option, and market-leading suppliers are responding to this demand.

    Post time: May-25-2022
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