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  • UV Curing Technology Helps Transform the Manufacturing of EV Batteries

    Automobile, OEM parts and EV battery manufacturers benefit from using LED UV light to cure coatings and adhesives in seconds. UV light cures a variety of chemistries and materials, from paints to films and from plastics to glass to metal. With the correct adhesives, UV curing provides strong bonds that resist vibration and thermal expansion and contraction. UV curing is utilized to bond irregular and heat-sensitive parts that cannot be welded.

    The auto industry is rapidly transitioning to “lightweight” manufacturing, substituting lighter metal alloys, composites, and plastics for heavier steel and iron. These materials are often heat-sensitive and cannot be bonded through welding or traditional UV. LED UV can provide reliable bonds at a fraction of the heat output of traditional manufacturing methods.

    In addition, as the auto industry is pressured to meet global environmental standards, LED UV can dramatically reduce energy expenditure and waste generation in the manufacturing process. For instance, manufacturers producing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles are tasked with dealing with hazardous waste in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Oftentimes, any uncured materials that are scrapped are classified as hazardous waste. LED UV removes the need for purging or mixing in the curing process, significantly reducing uncured hazardous waste. 

    Post time: Feb-27-2023
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