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  • UV Flashlights for Use in the Military and Policing

    UV flashlights are useful tools that are being utilized by law enforcement authorities and the military all over the world to aid in the uncovering of counterfeit materials, for detecting blood and other evidence, to help find hidden explosives so they can be destroyed, for intelligence gathering, in the capturing of criminals, and much more. Many policing and military professionals report that the UV flashlight is a critical tool to have in their arsenals for fighting the criminal element and for providing security here at home and abroad.

    LED and UV flashlights incorporate the use of different lighting components to produce light beams for use in a variety of settings. The technological lighting components in UV flashlights use the shorter and concentrated wavelength of UV lighting to illuminate small particles that are rendered nearly or completely invisible by the intensity of longer wavelengths of lighting. A police flashlight with UV light technology is useful in the detecting of blood evidence, fibers, minerals and substances and other evidence that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and when other light sources are serving as the backdrop.

    An UV flashlight can be used to detect counterfeit money and for finding traces of drugs like cocaine on money. This is useful in tracking down those criminals that manufacture and distribute counterfeit money and also many of the criminals that engage in drug trafficking. Money is not the only item counterfeiter’s target. Art, clothing, jewelry, passports, social security cards, and other things can also be counterfeited. Detecting counterfeit items with the use of UV flashlights gets more of them off the streets before innocent people are victimized by the purchasing of fake items.

    The UV flashlight is a powerful tool. It plays an important role in military maneuvers, surveillance, detection, and in a variety of other military activities.

    Post time: Mar-31-2022
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