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  • UV LED Curing Lamp 100x20mm series

    UVET company’s 100x20mm series UV LED lamps provide 10W/cm^2 UV intensity and 100x20mm irradiation area. The optional wavelengths include 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm. It provides curing solutions for flatbed inkjet printing systems with fast, efficient and energy-saving features. It’s ideal for small and wide format inkjet printers, digital printers, screen printers, 3D printing, and others.

    1. UV intensity is adjustable from 10%~100%.
    2. The irradiation time is adjustable from 0~999.9S.
    3. Fault warning and temperature monitoring.
    4. Instant on/off, no warm up time needed.
    5. Long use life, low power consumption and low curing temperature.
    6. Mercury-free, environmentally friendly LED has no hazardous waste disposal requirements and no ozone generation.
    7. It is easy to operate and integrate into UV LED printing systems.

    1. Digital inkjet printing:Labels and packaging printing, bottle Printing, 3D Printing, coding and marking printing, posters and signage printing, and so on.
    2. Screen printing: Decorative printing, nameplates printing, graphics printing, and others.

    Post time: Aug-31-2018
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