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  • UV LED flood curing system 260x260mm series

    UVET company’s air-cooled UV LED curing system comes with 260x260mm irradiation area and 850mW/cm2 UV intensity. The optional wavelengths include 365nm,385nm,395nm and 405nm. It is ideal for electronic assembly, medical device bonding, optics bonding, optoelectronics industry, and so on.

    This UV LED Curing equipment offers all the benefits of UV curing technology, including high-intensity, less energy consumption, instant on/off, and low curing temperature. Additionally, it is simple to operate and can be used as a stand-alone system or easily integrated into automated assembly systems.

    1. UV intensity is adjustable from 0~100%.
    2. The irradiation time is adjustable from 0~999.9S.
    3. Fault warning and temperature monitoring.
    4. Instant on/off, no warm up time needed.
    5. Long use life, low power consumption and low curing temperature.
    6. Mercury-free, environmentally friendly LED has no hazardous waste disposal requirements and no ozone generation.
    7. Flexible to use; It can be used alone or integrated into automated assembly systems.

    Post time: Aug-18-2018
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