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  • Handheld UV LED Spot Curing Lamp UCP1&UCP2

    UVET company’s portable UV LED spot curing lamp is a small and lightweight UV LED light source. The UV LED lamps are available in 365nm, 385nm,395nm and 405nm wavelengths. The UV intensity is up to 13000mW/cm2.There are ten kinds of UV light beam size optional. The UV light beam size can be changeable by replacing the optical lens.

    ● It’s small, lightweight, simple to operate and carry.
    ● It can finish the UV curing within seconds owe to the high UV intensity.
    ● Instant on/off, no warm up time needed.
    ● Long use life, low power consumption and low curing temperature.
    ● Mercury-free, environmentally friendly LED has no hazardous waste disposal requirements and no ozone generation.

    1. Electronic assembly: touch screen display / LCD / OLED bonding; micro-speaker assembly bonding; hard disk drive component adhesive curing; Bonding of miniature cameras, and so on.
    2. Optical/ optoelectronics industry: optical lens bonding; bonding of glass fibers; bonding of light guides, and so on.
    3. Medical device: the needles bonding; catheters bonding; endoscopes sealing; hearing aids assembly, and so on.

    Post time: Jan-31-2018
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