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  • What Is Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

    Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI process) is one of the commonly used Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods.

    Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI process) is a quick and reliable method to inspect your critical metal parts for cracks or flaws before or after the heat treating process. Since FPI is a form of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), it allows a qualified inspector to make an evaluation without causing damage to your part. This low-cost inspection can not only locate surface-breaking defects in metals, but it can also detect casting and forging defects, weld integrity, cold working defects and fatigue cracks on in-service components.

    Fluorescent dye is applied to the surface of an impermeable material to clearly identify surface defects.The basic steps include:
    1. Cleaning or preparing the surface to be inspected;
    2. Applying the penetrant;
    3. Removing the excess penetrant;
    4. And then documenting the remaining “highlighted” surface defects.

    UVET Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection UV LED lamp is engineered specifically for critical part testing applications which require equipment that is easy to operate, durable for years of high volume use and offers outstanding repeatability. Read more about our Penetrant Testing Equipment Checklist to help you gather all the information you need to find the ideal equipment set-up for your application.

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