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    • UV LED Spot Curing System NSC4

      UV LED Spot Curing System NSC4

      UVET company’s NSC4 series LED UV spot curing system has all the advantage of LED curing technology. The unit comes with one controller and four UV LED heads. There are three models LED heads optional and ten kinds of optical lens. The optional wavelengths include 365nm,385nm,395nm and 405nm. It ...
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    • Handheld UV LED Spot Curing Lamp UCP1&UCP2

      Handheld UV LED Spot Curing Lamp UCP1&UCP2

      UVET company’s portable UV LED spot curing lamp is a small and lightweight UV LED light source. The UV LED lamps are available in 365nm, 385nm,395nm and 405nm wavelengths. The UV intensity is up to 13000mW/cm2.There are ten kinds of UV light beam size optional. The UV light beam size can be chang...
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    • UV LED Overview

      UV LED Overview

      LEDs are semiconductors devices and often referred to as solid state lighting or SSL. The manufacturing process is much like that used for making computer chips – many thin layers of semiconductor materials are deposited that when energized – emit light. For high power UV LEDs, Aluminum Gal...
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