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  • Curing Size: 150x150mm 365/385/395/405nm

    Short Description:

    Product Name:UV LED flood curing lamp

    Model NO.: UVSS-180C


    UV intensity measured by EIT UV meter:1200m W/cm^2

    Size of the window (mm):150×150

    Heat Dissipation:Fan Cooling

    Customized Service: Yes

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
  • Overview


    ● Integrated with high power UV LED, low thermal resistance and low light decay

    ● High efficiency heat pipe radiator and fan cooling design, instant heat dissipation

    ● Overheat protection by built-in temperature sensor

    ● UV LED breakdown warning, effectively guarantee the production quality

    ● Instant on and off, no need preheating

    ● Adjustable UV intensity from 10 to 100%

    ● Automatic running mode, set the irradiation time from 0 to 999.9S

    ● Manual running mode, switch signal controls the irradiation time

    ● Accumulated irradiation time, record the use life

    ● Low frequency switch signal controls the light source on and off

    ● Quartz glass fixed at the window, high UV light transmittance and easy clean

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  • Model No. UVSS-180C UVSN-180C UVSZ-180C
    Wavelength 365nm 395nm 405nm
    UV intensity measured by EIT UV meter 1200mW/cm^2 1200mW/cm^2 1200mW/cm^2
    Recommended irradiation distance >5mm >5 mm >5 mm
    Size of the window(mm) 150×150 150×150 150×150
    Mechanical dimensions (mm) 185(L)*175(W)*186(H) 185(L)*175(W)*186(H) 185(L)*175(W)*186(H)
    Heat dissipation Fan cooling Fan cooling Fan cooling
    Power consumption <1000W <500W <500W
    Connecting cable length 2 M 2 M 2 M
    Weight 5Kg 5Kg 5Kg
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