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  • UV LED curing technology for touch screen

    UV LED curingtechnology can provide a more continuous and reliable process without damaging or fading heat-sensitive components. UV LED curing has many advantages in bonding and coating applications in the touch screen production process. It can provide a more continuous and reliable process without damaging or fading the thermal element. 

    The touch screen market is developing; it is used in smart phones, tablet computers, electronic readers, mobile game control platforms, and in-car navigation systems. The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing and largest market for touch screen manufacturing. Touch screen displays are a collection of multiple different surface layers, such as liquid crystal displays (LCD) or organic light emitting diodes (OLED), glass, sensors and insulating layers, and flexible protective layers. Each surface layer needs liquid transparent optical adhesive (LOCA), which can provide firm bonding, moisture-proof protective packaging, and satisfactory optical properties when resisting sunlight.

    UVLED curing adhesive is typically acrylic or epoxy cured at 365nm, with excellent optical properties such as light transmittance, low reflection, anti-fogging, impact resistance and scratch resistance. It is easy to apply glue and has a high degree of flexibility. There will be no shrinkage or tension between the surface layers that will cause image distortion.

    LCD and OLED display manufacturers also use UV LED curing before assembling into touch screens. The use of UV LED lamps for low heat release and on-demand curing is particularly beneficial to prevent damage to sensitive components and form a continuous, consistent and high-speed process. One specific application is the edge sealing of OLEDs, using epoxy resin and spot curing UV LED systems to achieve precise and efficient curing, and effectively seal against moisture. UV LED curing provides better process stability and stronger bonding performance, especially for the improvement of this field of electronics manufacturing.

    Post time: Oct-27-2021
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