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  • UV LED Curing Technology Improves Offset Printing

    The printing industry is quickly becoming the fastest growing area of UV LED curing systems adoption.Printing process technology that incorporates UV LED curing offers numerous advantages over traditional printing methods.

    UV LEDs in Offset Printing

    The offset printing process generates the largest volume of printed material in the world. Products we encounter everyday from catalogues, brochures, business cards, plastic cards, consumer product packaging, beverage labels, display signs, books, newspapers and more are just the tip of the iceberg of what offset produces.

    UV LED printing brings extraordinary benefits to the offset printing process, most fundamentally through the 1:1 replacement of solvent-based ink and coating chemistry with that of photo-sensitive inks and coatings, capable of transforming instantaneously from a liquid to a solid through a photo-polymerization process upon exposure to UV light, without generating hazardous Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOCs).

    UV LED printing offers not only a significant improvement over traditional UV lamp curing systems, but also offers a compelling alternative to conventional solvent-based printing methods.

    UV LED Printing Advantages

    • Printers can eliminate oil-based ink solvent emissions by printing with VOC-free UV LED inks.
    • Printers can dry inks and varnishes in a single pass without complex anti-marking solutions.
    • Printers can improve the quality of dot fidelity and print vibrancy.
    • Printers can more easily print on exotic substrates, such as uncoated paper, plastics, and foils, that are often difficult to print conventionally.
    • Printers can pin or dry-trap colors at intermediate printing units to allow immediate, high quality overprinting or coating application.

    Post time: Jan-12-2023
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