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  • UV LED Overview

    LEDs are semiconductors devices and often referred to as solid state lighting or SSL. The manufacturing process is much like that used for making computer chips – many thin layers of semiconductor materials are deposited that when energized – emit light. For high power UV LEDs, Aluminum Gallium Nitride (AlGaN) is the material of choice. The UV LED chip is quite small ~1mm, in comparison to the packaging, which includes the electrical connections, heat sink and lens.

    The light output of UV LEDs is much closer to that of semiconductor lasers regarding wavelength in that they are monochromatic, emitting at a single wavelength. This wavelength is determined during the production of LEDs. Adding more aluminum to the semiconductor mix creates shorter wavelength UV LEDs. As such, the UV LED wavelength must be specified to match the material being cured.

    UV LEDs are seeing ever increasing adoption in curing applications for many of the same reasons – high efficiency, greater than 20,000 hours lifetime, green technology with no mercury disposal issues, no ozone production and no volatile solvents. Additionally, with optimized formulations of inks and adhesives, cure quality and durability have been found to be superior. Early adopters of UV LEDs have shown a long term commitment to environmental and energy concerns. UVET is  professionally engaged in the R&D of UV LED light source.

    Post time: Jan-31-2018
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