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  • UV technology will become the first choice for label printing business

    The applications of digital UV printing technology are constantly expanding, especially in the field of label printing, UV printing is reflected in unprecedented growth. We can analyze from the following points.

    1. UV technology has high speed curing

    With the high speed of label printing, UV curing efficiency has become the key to success. Employing UV curing, inks can be cured within a few second after the printing. It significantly improves production efficiency, as well as omits the baking process.  

    2. UV technology has low thermal effect

    For ordinary water-based and solvent based inks, too high drying temperature will cause thermal shrinkage and too low drying temperature will lead to tackiness for incomplete drying. For UV curing technology, inks cure rapidly under the irradiation of UV light and won’t affect the temperature. It’s ideal for heat sensitive label materials.

    3.Wide rang of substrates for UV inkjet printer

    UV inkjet printers can print onto a wide array of substrates, from rigid material like acrylic, metal, wood, stone etc. to flexible material like textile, compound fabric, silks and more. With the high quality inks and durable property, those prints can be well-kept for longtime.  

    4.High solids content for UV printing inks

    UV ink is very suitable for labels printing with its thick ink layer and bright colors. It has good printability and high quality printing, it will not change the physical properties of substrates. It can be used for higher viscosity and fine product printing for its  stable viscosity, strong adhesion and bright color.

    In short, with its benefits, we can believe that UV technology will become the first choice for more label manufacturing companies in the near future.

    Post time: Nov-29-2021
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