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  • Application of UV LED Lamp on PCB Circuit Board

    With the rapid development of electronic industry, electronic equipment tends to be miniaturized and highly integrated. The demand of PCB industry is increasing, and the performance of anti-moisture, anti-vibration, anti-oxidation, environmental protection and so on is becoming more and more demanding.

    At present, the common method is to coat the PCB circuit board with a layer of UV Conformal Coatings as protection. Applying the Conformal Coating on the PCB circuit board of the soldered components can protect the electronic components from the corrosion of the external harmful environment, such as high temperature, dust, humidity, chemicals and other harsh environments. It has the properties of waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, and can also prevent scratches and short circuits, which can extend the life of electronic components and improve the stability of electronic products. At present, the Conformal Coating is divided into solvent based solvent-borne Conformal Coating and UV Conformal Coating. UV Conformal Coatings need to be cured with UV LED curing lamps.

    The advantage of UV LED lamps curing UV Conformal Coatings:

    1. Less Heat
    With no IR heat, LED curing technology significantly reduces work-piece surface temperature.

    2. Greater Stability
    Because of the uniformity and long-term consistency of LED lights, designers can develop safer, more stable, and more reliable processes.

    3. Better Cure
    The longer wavelength output penetrates through thick and pigmented systems producing through-cure of the material.

    4. Energy Consumption 
    Users can save up to 70% or more on energy bills. 

    5. Safer Workplace
    LEDs contribute to workplace safety because they don’t generate dangerous UV-C radiation, excessive heat, or noise.

    Post time: Oct-26-2022
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