• Phone: +86 (0)769-8173 6335
  • E-mail: info@uvndt.com
  • Services And Repair

    For all repairs:
    (1) State clearly on your shipping documents that it is a ‘RETURN FOR REPAIR’. Any additional expenses in terms of customs duties and tariffs are to be paid by the customer.

    (2) Ship door-to-door only and ship to UVET’s manufacturing address.
    (3)After your shipment is received, UVET will confirm the exact problem and offer the repair quotation for approval within 2 workdays.

    Services and support:
    E-mail customer service: info@uvndt.com
    Phone customer service: +86 (0)769-8173 6335

    Shipment to UVET :
    1802, Bldg A, Baian Center, Nancheng District, Dongguan 523073, GuangDong, China.
    Phone: +86 (0)769-8173 6335
    Postal Code: 523073

    Shipment to the local service centre:
    E-mail us at info@uvndt.com to confirm whether the local service center is available.

    Post time: Jun-12-2018
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