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  • UV Curing for Glass Decorating

    The requirements for inks used in glass decoration, whether for beverage bottles, coated glass bottles, glass packaging for the cosmetics industry, drinking glasses or flat glass applications, are essentially the same: good adhesion, scratch resistance or a high resistance to alcohol, water and chemicals.

    To meet these requirements, proper curing of the ink is necessary. Correct wavelengths, UV light intensity and power density must be aligned with the photo-initiators of the ink.

    The use of UV-LEDs, the forward-looking technology, is a promising option to lower energy consumption. They are ozone-free and economical due to a long service life. With their narrow spectral output, UV-LEDs can achieve an excellent depth of cure so that the ink is immediately cured. UV lamps cure inks in a wide spectrum with a high UV intensity, making the ink scratch resistant and giving it a brilliant finish.

    The advantages of UV curing:
    1. Increased production rates;
    2. Environmentally friendly – no solvents or heavy metals, plus energy efficient;
    3. Improved print definition;
    4. Easier color matching;
    5. Increased durability that meets glass decorating requirements


    Post time: Jul-27-2022
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